Re: [ANN] Tabels (from tabular formats to linked data) is online

Hi Ivan,
Thanks for sharing this announcement.  I found the tool easy to use and well explained. Nice work.

I liked how quickly I could upload a csv file (note a .CSV failed, so that needs some attention) and view it immediately in Exhibit.  What are you plans for increasing the results set?  I understand the reasons to limit results, however, what is your experience with increasing the number to say 1,000?

There are some decisions in the automatically generated Turtle that were made and are not clear.  Also, some documentation on whether this is an R&D project that is up for the duration of someone's dissertation or research grant, or a project you intend to support for the foreseeable future, maybe even as a FLOSS project.  

There are many tools available but supported tools that have the potential to grow into community supported OS projects are entirely something different and will be met with more enthusiasm.  

Finally, how would you like the community to report issues?  Do you have an issue tracker set up?  I'll happy add my feedback this way if you provide a link.

Again, well done & thanks for sharing.


Bernadette Hyland, co-chair 
W3C Government Linked Data Working Group

PS.  With this announcement, you may want to get a larger server instance, performance was pretty slow here in N. America at the start of the workday.  Then, I saw the dreaded "Service Temporarily Unavailable" msg... lots of people are interested in this so be prepared for >1000 people to hit servers announcing new tools & services ... (ask me how I know ;-)

On Oct 16, 2012, at 5:16 AM, Ivan Minguez wrote:

> Dear all,
> We are happy to announce the release of Tabels [1].
> Tabels is a tool to bridge the gap between tabular formats and linked
> data. Tabels is able to process spreadsheets, csv files, but also
> other tabular formats such as statistical specific ones, analysis tool
> formats and so on. Moreover, Tabels is more than a transformation
> tool. It is geared up with data-sensitive front-end widgets to
> facilitate end-users the exploitation of data.
> Regarding multidimensional information, Tabels programs are able to
> produce DataCube-compliant datasets, which can be dynamically explored
> using the chart view. A HTML5-based visualization component that
> automatically generates an interactive interface to explore the data.
> An example of how to transform an Eurostat PX file to Data Cube with a
> generic Tabels program is found at [2].
> Please give Tabels a try on our online demo service [1] and tell us
> about your experience. Any feedback is more than welcome.
> Best regards,
> Ivan Minguez
> [1]
> [2]
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