Re: LDBC project

Dear Josep

Glad to see you share some info about the project and Milton, thanks for
the suggestions, with which I agree

> I would like to announce the LDBC EU project (, which
> recently started, and explain its mission. We noted that a discussion
> touching on this project was opened recently on this list by someone not
> involved in it, so I thought it would be a good idea to describe the
> overall picture of this project.

well, actually I am an IT consultant and a researcher in linked data
benchmarking, precisely working in this area of practice, and a member of
the TUC - I was 'invited' to present at the meeting like all the other
presenters were,

Here are my slides, presented on the day, which I sent to you and others
after the meeting as you requested

Before entering into a technical (well, socio-technical) questions on the
description you post below, I need to ask you why my presentation is not

I also wonder if there are other vendors/consultants/researchers /startups
who are being pushed out of this project despite their willingness and
availability to contribute



> Below I paste the original research note sent to you the day after the
> meeting, also shared in edited version, with this list

A couple of questions:

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