Re: Incrementing a literal

Responding to the original message, we saw this as a need in general to be able to
do something indivisible, for generating cloakroom tickets or next ids or
whatever. In general, distributed systems must have some form of P/V flag.
So the plan is currently:

	DELETE { :c1 :value } INSERT DATA { c1 :value  23} 

must then give an error if the value has already been incremented by 
someone else.  Then the client rolls back, re-reads the RDF resource,
and tries again in a moment.
See  "Note 409 conflict"  section of


On 2012-11 -10, at 06:54, Melvin Carvalho wrote:

> Is there a pattern for incrementing a literal counter?
> Alice stores turtle in
> The initial operation should generate something like
> <#> <#counter> 1.
> Then the subsequent operation
> <#> <#counter> 2.
> And after that.
> <#> <#counter> 3.
> And so on ...
> Is there a neat way to do this in  distributed way?  SPARQL update?   Maybe using Etags?  

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