Re: Incrementing a literal

Melvin, may I propose an opinion that 'needing to
update a value' seems like a design flaw. Why? Taking
your particular example of incrementing a 'counter'
variable which goes from 1 to 2 to 3 and further on,
on each step there actually *was* a time/state when
'counter' contained each of it's values. And at that
time/state conclusions could be made which were based
on *that* particular value. Updating seems like
effectively erasing the history.

Now what is 'current value' as it obviously should
have some means to be changed? Well 'current value' 
seems like a result of a function taking a specific
'current' time as an input. Current time is an observer's 
context property. So may an answer to your question 
contain a suggestion to store all the values for a 
counter with their relevant time frame attributes 
and obtain 'current' value using a query? SL

> Is there a pattern for incrementing a literal counter?
> Alice stores turtle in
> The initial operation should generate something like
> <#> <#counter> 1.
> Then the subsequent operation
> <#> <#counter> 2.
> And after that.
> <#> <#counter> 3.
> And so on ...

> Is there a neat way to do this in  distributed way?  SPARQL update?   Maybe using Etags?   

Received on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 14:32:33 UTC