[Announce] EulerGUI 1.12


I am pleased to announce the release 1.12 of EulerGUI, a development
tool and a framework for the Semantic Web and rules, under LGPL
licence, in Java.
The improvements mainly concern new features in Semantic Web client
GUI, and SPARQL fixes. The full list is :

- New tool: if all properties and classes are not declared, generate a
skeleton ontology for missing declarations
- New tool: SPARQL 1.1 Update: enter SPARQL text and endpoint in a
specific window with jEdit for SPARQL text
- new N3 source: ATTEMPTO Controled English parser
- new N3 source: Squall Controled English for SPARQL
- print download time in console for SPARQL
- enhance Graphviz generation for facts and rules
- in field for entering an URL, return key triggers action
- library upgrades : Euler 2012-11, Drools 5.0-Beta1

N3 table cell: manage XSD types, represent Object properties as hyperlinks

- SPARQL: in case of error, syntax, or timeout, etc, show a warning popup
- Drools/N3 engine : FIX _:d kb:retract ( ?S ?P false ) .



Documentation :

Presentations, tutorials, videos, screenshots

Full Change Log :

Jean-Marc Vanel
Déductions SARL - Consulting, services, training,
Rule-based programming, Semantic Web
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chat :  irc://irc.freenode.net#eulergui

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