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Well... I tried this trick, but does not change a thing. Yes, the search happens on, but I presume it knows that I am, hm, considered as Dutch and sticks to its guns: I see nothing of the GKG on my screen.


On May 18, 2012, at 17:57 , Aidan Hogan wrote:

> All,
> On 18/05/2012 05:51, Eric Franzon wrote:
>> Actually, some modest testing has shown something other than geography at play here. Earlier today, colleagues in London and California were able to see GKG rich data visualizations, while others in the US (myself included -- also in California) and Europe could not.
>> I spoke to a Google representative this afternoon who confirmed the gradual roll-out, but would not (or could not) discuss the algorithm. He did hint that people with Google accounts will be first to see the enhancements.
> In my experience, the most reliable way to see GKG in action is:
> Visit
> (the "/ncr" suffix stops you redirecting to a local version)
> Be logged in with a Google account.
> Try a typical entity search (e.g., "Galway").
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> Aidan

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