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On 2 May 2012, at 11:24, Alasdair J G Gray wrote:
> I am going through the VoID Note [1] and have some confusion with the way that void:subset is used. It seems that in different parts of the document void:subset is used to declare: (1) "has subset"; and (2) "is subset of".
> In Section 4.4, the void:subset property is used to declare that a dataset has subsets. […] Looking at the vocabulary definition for the property [2] it seems that the interpretation in Section 4.4 is the correct one.

As Michael said, you're right, there is an error in the document. Indeed, the 4.4 example is what we intended; the other example is a mistake.

We'll get this fixed — might take a while as the process for modifying published W3C documents is not very fast.

> Will another property be added as the inverse of void:subset,

Seems unlikely.

> or should the declaration of linksets being subsets of a dataset be made in the dataset description?

Either that, or the triple can be added as an “incoming arc” in the linkset description.


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