Knowledge Graph links to Freebase

Dear all,

I want to take the opportunity to present my findings after analysing 
the patterns of Google's Knowledge Graph.

Each summary has a unique identifier. This identifier is used when 
linking to other entities, e.g.


stands for the summary of Steve Jobs.

The URI to get the summary is

I found out that this key is created with 2 tools, namely base64 and gzip.

We can use this key to find out what the original content was (hoping to 
find a link to Freebase).

The way to go is the following:

1. Store the identifier above (H4sl..) in a file, e.g. id.b64
2. console:$ base64 -d id.b64 > id.gz
3. console:$ gunzip id.gz
4. console:$ cat id

--> /m/06y3r

Now, add the freebase namespace to that:

This redirects to:

Have a nice Sunday!


Andreas Thalhammer
PhD Student
Semantic Technology Institute
University of Innsbruck

phone: +43 (0) 512507 6454

Received on Sunday, 3 June 2012 14:05:46 UTC