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Open positions for research projects

From: Fausto Giunchiglia <fausto@disi.unitn.it>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 15:23:02 +0200 (CEST)
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To: semantic-web@w3.org
Apologies for multiple postings

We are looking for young top quality experts in software development
interested in working, as part of a large team, on the research and
development of a semantics-enabled knowledge and data management system.
The work will be part of an ongoing multi-annual research project and will
concentrate on the development of semantic file system exploiting advanced
metadata management and on its integration with the network middleware.
Key words describing the research area of interest are: semantic file
system, metadata management, peer-to-peer systems, community building and
development, semantics enabled peer-to-peer search.

Skills and knowledge relevant to the open positions in the project are, in
decreasing order of importance:

Position 1 (Application Developer)
-	Java SDK 1.6+
-	Spring 3.x+
-	Hibernate 3.x+ (incl. JPA annotations)
-	ER modeling, SQL
-	Spring MVC, REST, JSON
-	knowledge of semantic technologies and languages (e.g., OWL/RDF, graph
theory and algorithms, natural language processing, reasoning) is a strong
-	knowledge of Maven v2+ is a strong plus
-	knowledge of PostgreSQL is a plus
-	knowledge of Lucene is a plus

Position 2 (R&D area manager)
-	PhD in Computer Science, or 4 year experience in research projects
-	theoretical and practical experience in semantic technologies (e.g.,
relevant background is: natural language processing, metadata management,
knowledge representation and management, RDF)
-	strong programming experience (preferably in Java), knowledge of
relational and/or noSQL databases

The ideal candidate for a position should have a proven track record of
research, system design and development in some or in all the areas
mentioned above. (S)he should be proactive, self-motivated, able to work
independently and in a team. An interest in working on research and
technology transfer projects in collaboration with a high tech start-up
will constitute a plus. Knowledge of Italian is not needed.
The work will be developed within the Knowdive Group
(http://disi.unitn.it/~knowdive/) - Fausto Giunchiglia
(http://disi.unitn.it/~fausto/) is the project leader -, a large,
multicultural and multidisciplinary group, which is part of the department
of Information Engineering and Computer Science (http://disi.unitn.it).
The department is a leading and fast-growing research institution,
characterized by a young and international faculty and a large,
international student population. Indicators for scientific production put
the department among the very top in Europe. The successful candidate will
therefore have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and exciting

Trento (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trento) is a small vibrant city
(around 100K people), with a beautifully preserved historic center,
situated in the middle of the Dolomites, consistently ranked at the top
for quality of life. Also thanks to it fortunate location, Trento offers a
wide variety of cultural and sports opportunities all year around, as well
as excellent food and wine.

Further information: Fausto Giunchiglia, fausto@disi.unitn.it
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