Re: [ANN] Sgvizler, javascript SPARQL result set visualizer, first release

This is really cool. It is very related to a project I started many moons
ago and that I always wished I had more time to keep evolving. It is called
Cuebee (, a mashup of the acronym QB (Query Builder)
and the idea of a bee that brings cues to the user that is formulating a
query. :)

The main idea is that the user will formulate a SPARQL query without having
to know any SPARQL. We let the user type and suggest things that we know
from the knowledge base, then relationships/properties that may apply to
those things, and so on. Once the query was executed, we then presented the
results in different widgets, which included table, graph and pie chart at
the time. If you're interested, we have published what we found when
applying it to the genomics databases use case [1]

Looking at Sgvizler, it seems that our children would enjoy a perfect
marriage. If you (or other researchers/students in the lists that I just
spammed) are interested in working on this intersection, please let me know.
I see this union as having a really good impact on lowering the barrier to
querying semantic web data.


[1] Mendes, P.N.; McKnight, B.; Sheth, A.P.; Kissinger, J.C.; , "TcruziKB:
Enabling Complex Queries for Genomic Data Exploration," *Semantic Computing,
2008 IEEE International Conference on* , vol., no., pp.432-439, 4-7 Aug.
doi: 10.1109/ICSC.2008.93 URL:

On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 5:58 PM, "Martin G. SkjŠveland"

> Dear semantic-web,
> Sgvizler is a javascript which renders the result of SPARQL SELECT queries
> into charts or html elements. This is the announcement of its first
> "widespread" release.
> The best introduction is probably an example:
>  http://sgvizler.googlecode.**com/svn/trunk/example/**exampleW1.html<>
> The name and tool relies on and/or is inspired by SPARQL, Google
> visualization API [1], SPARQLer [2], Snorql [3] and Spark [4]. Almost all
> major chart types offered by the Google Visualization API are supported plus
> a few more are added: Line Chart, Area Chart, Column Chart, Bar Chart,
> Scatter Chart, Sparkline, Pie Chart, Candlestick Chart, Gauge, Org Chart,
> Tree Map, Motion Chart, Timeline, Geo Chart, Geo Map, Map, Map+, Table,
> List, Definition List, Text. The SPARQL query may be given in a textarea,
> similar to that of SPARQLer and Snorql, or put in a div html element,
> similar to Spark.
> More live examples:
>  http://sgvizler.googlecode.**com/svn/trunk/example/index.**html<>
> Quick-start file:
>  http://sgvizler.googlecode.**com/svn/release/0.3/sgvizler.**html<>
> Project homepage, with screenshots, setup and usage instructions:
>**sgvizler/ <>
> Sgvizler should work on new browsers, however, not all of them are
> available to me, so no guarantees. Any feedback is welcome; you may use the
> issues
> or the mailinglist
> Thank you!
> Martin G. SkjŠveland
> [1]**chart/<>
> [2]**html <>
> [3]
> [4]**spark/<>

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