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Press.net News Ontology

From: Jarred McGinnis <jarred.mcginnis@pressassociation.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 14:48:33 +0100
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Hello all,


The Press Association has just published our first draft of a 'news'
ontology (http://data.press.net/ontology). For each of the ontologies
documented, we've included the motivation for the ontologies as well as
some of the design decisions behind it. Also, you can get the rdf or ttl
by adding the extension. For example,
<http://data.press.net/ontology/asset.rdf>  gives you the ontology
described at http://data.press.net/ontology/asset/ .


Have a look at the ontology and tell us what you think. We think it is
pretty good but feel free to point out our mistakes. We will fix it. Ask
why we did it one way and not another. We will give you an answer.


Paul Wilton of Ontoba has been working with us at the PA and has spelled
out a lot of the guiding principles of this work at


The reasons behind this work were talked about at SemTech 2011 San


Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jarred McGinnis, PhD

Research Manager, Semantic Technologies


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