Re: Aemoo: exploring knowledge through pattern lenses

Hi Valentina,

>> [4] http://www.ontologydesignpatterns.orh/ekp/owl/

nice approach - however, it would be much better if you supported content negotiation for the resources and provided HTML and Turtle and maybe OWL Abstract syntax in parallel to RDF/XML.

You could take the same route that is using for class definitions:

Class Identifier

So in your case, it would be

Pattern identifier	http://www.ontologydesignpatterns.orh/ekp/id/Game
Representation		http://www.ontologydesignpatterns.orh/ekp/doc/Game
RDF/XML 		http://www.ontologydesignpatterns.orh/ekp/doc/Game.owl
N3/Turtle 		http://www.ontologydesignpatterns.orh/ekp/doc/Game.ttl
HTML			http://www.ontologydesignpatterns.orh/ekp/doc/Game.html

with proper content-negotiation and maybe semantic links via foaf:page, rdfs:isDefinedBy, and wdrs:describedby.

That would make your wealth of patterns way more accessible from a Linked Open Data perspective. After all, RDF/XML as a syntax does not really communicate the essence of conceptual structures very well for humans.


On Nov 2, 2011, at 11:12 PM, valentina presutti wrote:

> Apologies for repeating the post.
> Aemoo's server experienced some problem that now should be fixed! 
> Also link [4] contained a typo (thanks Pat Hayes for making me notice it), here's the correct one.
> [4]
> Thanks to all for the feedback!
> Valentina
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>> Subject: Aemoo: exploring knowledge through pattern lenses
>> Dear all,
>> we are happy to inform you that Aemoo [1] is now available online.
>> Aemoo supports exploratory search with a new approach based on knowledge patterns, which are used as smart lenses over the data.
>> The research behind Aemoo so far is partly described in the ISWC2011 papers [2,3] (Aemoo has been selected in a short list of 4 at the last Semantic Web Challenge). 
>> Although Aemoo is still in alpha version we believe it is worth to experience it as a user.
>> You might be interested to know that the patterns used by Aemoo as lenses are all available online in OWL [4], 
>> there will be more coming soon, and we are also planning to create Fresnel lenses based on them.
>> Please, play with Aemoo, and help us making it better. Feedback are more than welcome!
>> Valentina (and the STLab team)
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
>> [4] http://www.ontologydesignpatterns.orh/ekp/owl/
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