Re: GoodRelations Light

> things that we haven't given a name. For example when my wife was
> pregnant, there was a growing embryo that we didn't name for a while.
> A bnode might be used to represent that growing to-be child.

This, like many examples people give of things you'd use a blank node for,
misses the point. The embryo may not have a name yet, but it has a gender
and a conception date and a size and a nucal transparency, is the subject of
ultrasound imaging, etc. It isn't a logical abstraction, it's a specific
entity. It should have a URI.

This might sound tangential, but I contend that you'll have a much easier
time talking about blank nodes clearly if you stick to using them, even in
examples, only in cases where they're actually required: to state an
existential quantification, like "somebody must have seen the crash", not
just to talk about a specific individual for whom we're just missing some

(But then, I also contend that this whole concept should be moved out of RDF
into OWL.)

Received on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 18:03:14 UTC