Springer: New book: Semantic Agent Systems.


I co-edited a book on semantic agents which may be of interest to many of
our colleagues due to its wide applicability. Please consider to recommend
it to your librarian.


Semantic Agent Systems - Foundations and Applications

Atilla Elši co-edited with Mamadou T. Kone, and Mehmet A. Orgun. 
Edited book, Vol. 344 in Studies in Computational Intelligence Series by
Springer-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-642-18307-2. pp: XVI+315. 2011. 

Semantic agent systems are about the integration of the semantic Web,
software agents, and multi-agent systems technologies. Like in the past
(e.g. biology and informatics yielding bioinformatics) a whole new
perspective is emerging with semantic agent systems. In this context, the
semantic Web is a Web of semantically linked data which aims to enable man
and machine to execute tasks in tandem.  Here, software agents in a
multi-agent system as delegates of humans are endowed with power to use
semantically linked data. 

This edited book "Semantic Agent Systems: Foundations and Applications"
proposes contributions on a wide range of topics on foundations and
applications written by a selection of international experts. It first
introduces in an accessible style the nature of semantic agent systems. Then
it explores with numerous illustrations new frontiers in software agent

"Semantic Agent Systems: Foundations and Applications" is recommended for
scientists, experts, researchers, and learners in the field of artificial
intelligence, the semantic Web, software agents, and multi-agent systems

Dr. Atilla Elši is a professor of computer science at Toros University,
Mersin, Turkey; 

Dr. Mamadou Tadiou Kone is a research scientist at International Computing 
Research, Boston, MA, USA; 

Dr. Mehmet A. Orgun is a professor of computer science at Macquarie
University, Sydney, Australia. 

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