[ANN] 4store version 1.1.3

This is to announce the release of 4store version 1.1.3.

4store is a RDF database (A.K.A. triplestore), designed to hold Resource Description Framework data on UNIX-based systems. It's made available under the GNU Public Licence version 3. More information can be found at http://4store.org/.

Tarballs and Mac OS X binaries are at:

Many thanks to all the people in the 4store community who made this release possible.


* Includes a lib4store that lets C programs† connect to 4store backends directly
  and either do low-level operations or run SPARQL queries (Mischa Tuffield and
  Florian Ragwitz)
* 4store will no longer emit invalid ntriples triples from CONSTRUCT
* Fix a bug that caused the query engine to abort under certain circumstances with
  OPTIONAL { } blocks with an empty left hand side.
* Fix a caching bug relating to ASK-like queries (i.e. with no variables)
* Better handling for a known failure in common prefix compression of URIs
* Fix invalid JSON output (msalvadores and Dave Challis)
* Improvements to the Aggregate support (msalvadores)
* Improvements to the query logging (Dave Challis and William Waites)
* Improvements to autoconf setup (Dave Beckett)
* Bugfix to media-type handling (Dave Challis)
* Bugfix to handling of DISTINCT (Dave Challis)
* Bugfix to handling of CONSTRUCT with UNION (Dave Challis)
* Handle FILTER in Aggregated binding sets (msalvadores)
* Fix cast bug in FILTER (msalvadores)
* Cluster management tools bugfix (Ian Millard)
* Various improvements to man pages
* Ability to use EXPLAIN in 4s-query, using standard SPARQL syntax (msalvadores)
* Performance improvements in resolver cache (msalvadores)

Known Bugs:

* The "functions" test will fail on some systems, this should not be a concern
* There's a known bug with the common prefix compression code for URIs, if this
 causes problems it can be disabled with --enable-no-prefixes at configure time
* If Aggregates and ORDER BY are combined, the ORDER BY will be ignored 

† there is already a Perl XS wrapper for lib4store, FourStore: https://github.com/rafl/FourStore

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