ESWC 2011, UWeb: Call for Demo and Position Papers and Papers on Late Breaking Results

UWeb 2011
International Workshop on
User Profile Data on the Social Semantic Web

In conjunction with ESWC 2011
Heraklion, Greece
29 May - 02 June 2011


* 13 May 2011: Submission deadline
* 30 May 2011: UWeb 2011 workshop day

Social Web sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Delicious, Flickr and
Wikipedia, and numerous other Web applications, such as Google and
Amazon, rely on implicitly or explicitly collected data about their
users and their activities to provide personalized content and
services. As these applications become more and more connected, a
major challenge is to allow various applications to exchange,
reuse, and integrate user data from different sources. The amount
of user data available on the Web is tremendously growing and
reasoning on such heterogeneous user data distributed across the Web,
i.e. exploiting user data on the Web, is a non-trivial problem that
poses several challenges to the Semantic Web community.

While the linking of user data provides advantages for recommendation
and personalization, it also raises questions related to provenance,
trust and privacy: how does one know that the data gathered from
several sources can be trusted, and how can one avoid that sensitive
personal data is disclosed to certain services or used to infer and
expose sensitive information? Trust and privacy, and associated
policies, may therefore impact reasoning on user data.

This workshop aims to discuss research on user data in the Social
Semantic Web from both angles:

  * techniques and applications for linking, reusing and reasoning
    about user data, as well as
  * trust and privacy techniques and their impact on society.

UWeb joins the SPOT ( and LUPAS
( workshops from ESWC 2010
and provides a forum for academic and industrial researchers and
practitioners in the fields of the Social and Semantic Web, trust,
privacy, user modeling, and personalization to discuss theoretical
and practical knowledge, open research issues, applications, and

The workshop will tackle challenges posed by linking user data
on the Social Semantic Web, including, but not limited to, the
following themes:

  * Linking, aggregating, integrating and/or mining user data on
    the Social Web
  * Intertwining Social Web services, Semantic Mashups
  * Techniques and data formats for connecting distributed user
    data (e.g. FOAF, SIOC, etc.)
  * User profiling and personalization in the Social Semantic Web
  * Semantic technologies for trust and privacy on the Web
  * Trust and privacy in social online communities
  * Semantic Web technologies for access control
  * User modeling and mining vs. privacy
  * Studies assessing the use of external/public user data
  * Applications demonstrating intermixing of user data from
    different sources


Demo papers (system demonstrations), position statements and papers
on late breaking results should not exceed 2 pages. Papers will be
evaluated according to their originality, technical content, style,
clarity, and relevance to the workshop. At least one author of each
accepted paper is expected to attend the workshop.

All submissions must be written in English and should be formatted
according to the information for LNCS authors:


Please submit your contributions electronically in PDF format at


We aim to include demo and position papers and papers reporting
on late breaking results in the proceedings that we plan to
publish as a volume at CEUR Workshop Proceedings.
We further encourage authors to extend their papers and submit
the extended versions to the special issue of the Semantic Web
Journal on 'The Personal and Social Semantic Web':

* Fabian Abel (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands)
* Eelco Herder (L3S Research Center, Germany)
* Geert-Jan Houben (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands)
* Daniel Olmedilla (Telefonica R&D, Spain)
* Alexandre Passant (DERI, Galway, Ireland)

* Available at

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