RE: URI itself is a resource?

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According to [1], URIs and Semantic Web URIs (i.e. URIs that identifies a
non information resource) can be modeled as resources:


“The IRW ontology starts with irw:Resource. This class expresses the same
intuition that is under rdfs:Resource, we have defined it 

because this version of IRW is within OWL-DL expressivity. In a possible OWL
Full IRW we would state that this class is equivalent to

rdfs:Resource. The notion of a URI is modeled as a class, irw:URI (and hence
sub-class of irw:Resource), that has exactly one value 

for the datatype property irw:hasURI allowing to specify its value”


If you agree with the above model, the answer is yes.


[1] Harry Halpin,
ntina.html> Valentina Presutti: An Ontology of Resources: Solving the
Identity Crisis.
P09> ESWC 2009: 521-534




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Dear all,


In [1], "the term "resource" is used in a general sense for whatever might
be identified by a URI". Then is URI itself a resource or not? If a URI can
be identified by another URI? Such as: I have a webpage W-1, and I move to a
new webpage W-2, whenever people click W-1, then it will redirect to W-2
automatically. Therefore, can we consider W-1 as an identifier of W-2?






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