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LarKC Workflow Challenge 2011

From: Irene Celino <irene.celino@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 14:49:00 +0200
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LarKC Workflow Challenge 2011*
Use the Large Knowledge Collider to build the most innovative, surprising or
sophisticated workflow
http://www.larkc.eu - http://wiki.larkc.eu/LarKCWorkflowChallenge2011

First price: €1000, second price: €500.

*What to build? *
Your workflow can perform any task of your choosing,  and use any data
sources you like.

We've already seen and built great workflows that:
• combine and interpret data streams from social networks
• integrate data from traffic flows, weather reports, city maps and POI's
• search collections of research papers for genes implicated in cancer
• give location-aware info to city-travellers
• integrate massive amounts of heterogeneous biomedical data
• link personal calendar information with travel information

*Important dates: *
• *15 July*: statement of interest, expressing intention to participate
• *1 September*: submission deadline
• *1 October*: announcement of winning submissions
Submit to larkc-challenge@lists.sourceforge.net

*Useful locations:*
• LarKC download location http://larkc.sourceforge.net
• LarKC plugin marketplace http://www.larkc.eu/plug-in-marketplace
• LarKC datasets http://www.larkc.eu/resources/published-data-sources
• LarKC support page http://www.larkc.eu/early-adopters

For more detailed information on the Challenge, see


Irene Celino
CEFRIEL - ICT Institute Politecnico di Milano
Via Fucini, 2 - 20133 Milano (Italy)
phone: +39 0223954266
fax:   +39 0223954466
email: Irene.Celino@cefriel.it, irene.celino@gmail.com, irene@iricelino.org
web:   http://swa.cefriel.it, http://iricelino.org

    " If you understand what you're doing,
           you're not learning anything. "
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