Multiple types in RDFa vs. in Microdata

Dear all:

Until today, I had assumed that one limitation of Microdata was that it did not support more than one class per item, e.g. that you could not state that something was e.g. the intersection of

which, in the context of GoodRelations, means that it is an actual hammer (like in describing antiques or other unique items).

Now, reconsidering the issue, I am no longer convinced that this is valid criticism, because you could use the full URI for rdf:type with itemprop:

<div itemscope itemtype="" itemid=">
 <a itemprop="" href=""></a>

This should result in

   <> a <>, <> .

or am I mistaken?

Martin Hepp

Received on Friday, 10 June 2011 22:08:32 UTC