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                         IEEE IRI 2011

               IEEE International Conference on
               Information Reuse and Integration
                          3-5 August 2011
                          Las Vegas, USA

   Information Reuse and Integration (IRI) seeks to maximize the reuse
   of information by creating simple, rich, and reusable knowledge
   representations and consequently explores strategies for integrating
   this knowledge into systems and applications. IRI plays a pivotal role
   in the capture, representation, maintenance, integration, validation,
   and extrapolation of information; and applies both information and
   knowledge for enhancing decision-making in various application domains.

   The IEEE IRI conference serves as a forum for researchers and
   practitioners from academia, industry, and government to present,
   discuss, and exchange ideas that address real-world problems with
   real-world solutions. Theoretical and applied papers are both included.
   The conference program will include special sessions, open forum
   workshops, panels and keynote speeches.

   If you plan to attend, please hurry up on travel arrangements. The
   conference room rate at the Tuscany Suites & Casino is $35/night + tax.

   Hotel website:

   Information on the conference program and registration is available at:

   See you in Las Vegas!

   IEEE IRI 2011 organization committee


   We have an exciting program designed to appeal to researchers and
   practitioners from academia, industry, and government. It includes:

   * Two keynote talks;
   * Panel;
   * Four special Sessions: power and energy, health informatics,
     robotics, energy and education;
   * Presentations of around 90 research papers;
   * Workshops;
   * Banquet.


   * Lotfi A. Zadeh

   Professor in the Graduate School
   Computer Science Division
   Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
   Director of Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)
   University of California, USA

     "The concept of a Z-number -- a New Direction"

   * Elisa Bertino
     Professor of Computer Science
     Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (courtesy)
     Research Director of CERIAS
     Interim Director of Cyber Center, Discovery Park
     Purdue Unviersity, USA

     "Protecting Information Systems from Insider Threats - Concepts and 


   * The conference also features a Workshop on Issues and Challenges
     in Social Computing  (WICSOC):

Chengcui Zhang Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Associate Director of the Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Lab
Department of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham
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