[ANN] Elda 1.1.7 released

Dear All

I am happy to announce the release of Elda 1.1.7 (Epimorphics' [1] 
implementation of the Linked Data API [2]. Elda is available from
the downloads page [3] of http://elda.googlecode.com. Elda is
open source available by cloning its Mercurial repository [4].

The Linked Data API provides a configurable way to access RDF data 
using simple RESTful URLs that are translated into queries to a SPARQL 
endpoint. The API developer writes an API spec (in RDF) which specifies
how to translate URLs into queries. Elda comes with some pre-built 
examples which allow you to experiment with this style of query and 
get started with building your own specs.

Elda 1.1.7 can now be built (and released) using Maven without 
a secret bash script.

SPARQL servers can be declared to support nested selects,
allowing significant shortening of big view queries.

Language handling bug fixes (_lang respected in views, lang-P=V no 
longer fails if there's no P=V), media type fixes (.text renderer 
produces text/plain JSON, application/xml is supported as well as text/xml),
formatter bugfixes (URI paths with no . or / no longer crash, .suffix not 
removed if suffix not a formatter name), and various exceptions including
Stack Overflow and Out Of Memory are reported tidily to the client 
without exposing stack traces.


[1] http://www.epimorphics.com

[2] http://code.google.com/p/linked-data-api/

[3] http://code.google.com/p/elda/downloads/list

[4]  https://elda.googlecode.com/hg/ 

RIP Diana Wynne Jones, 1934 - 2011.

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