Re: Reasoning

Since I discovered a description logic in which the consistency problem
>> in NP-complete (cf. [1]), and I wander if this teoretical property is
>> relevant in the real world, considering that non-deterministic
>> computations cannot take place with the hardware that is actually
>> available.
> There are already a number of DLs where consistency checking is 
> polynomial. So an NP-complete logic would be somewhere in between the 
> tractable and the highly expressive. Since you have a new unusual 
> semantics for DLs, you will probably have to invent new algorithms too.
> Markus
Of course, I think I'll take a look to the open source existing reasoner.

Thank You,
Cristiano Longo

PS: the semantics of the description logic mentioned in the paper is the 
usual descriptive one.
>> [1] Domenico Cantone, Cristiano Longo, and Antonio Pisasale. Comparing
>> Description Logics
>> with Multi-level Syllogistics: the Description Logic DL <MLSS^{×}_{2,m}>
>> . In 6th Workshop on
>> Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives (SWAP), 2010.

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