Re: Browser ID, WebID & URLs

On 18 Jul 2011, at 02:06, Brian Smith wrote:

> Danny Ayers wrote:
>> While this may seem a burden if
>> all you are after is an email address, from the viewpoint of a user's
>> identity, consider what will be the very_next_thing you are likely to
>> want - further information about the individual. The burden of
>> discovery there is much greater if all you have is an email address
>> rather than a URL.
> It isn't clear that this is a problem. It could even be a feature, because it encourages relying parties to demand as little information about the user as possible. The easier we make it for users to over-share, the easier we make it for service providers to over-ask.

You can over ask - the answerer has no obligation to answer your questions. If you go to some random Facebook profile, you get what the user wants to show the world, no more. If you are a friend you get what he wishes to show friends, no more.


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