[Ann] FedX 1.0 - Federation SAIL

We are happy to announce FedX 1.0 - an open source framework for federated
query processing over distributed Linked Data sources.

FedX allows to easily setup on-demand federations by specifying a list of
relevant datasets (e.g. SPARQL endpoints from the LOD cloud) and to query
these in an efficient and transparent way as a virtually combined dataset.

Implemented as a Sesame SAIL, FedX can be used in Java applications or via
an easy-to-use command line interface.

For more information and downloads, please see http://www.fluidops.com/FedX.

FedX core features:

* Virtual integration of heterogeneous Linked Data sources (e.g. as SPARQL
* Transparent access to data sources through a federation
* On-demand federation setup without preprocessing
* Fast and effective query execution due to new optimization techniques for
federated setups
* Practical applicability & easy integration as a Sesame SAIL
* Comprehensive CLI for federated query processing from the command line

We welcome your feedback and comments.

On behalf of the FedX team,
Peter Haase

Received on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 16:39:58 UTC