Re: Get your dataset on the next LOD cloud diagram

Hi out of curiousity
Will you be taking off the diagram those that are NOT online regularly?

On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 7:45 PM, Pablo Mendes <> wrote:
> Dear fellow Linked Open Data publishers and consumers,
> We are in the process of regenerating the next LOD cloud diagram and
> associated statistics [1]. We would like to invite those of you who publish
> data sets as Linked Data to join the other ~2000 data sets already in CKAN (
> ) to help us extend the list of ~300 candidates to the LOD
> cloud diagram. For those of you that already have entries on CKAN, we ask
> you to please review and update your entries accordingly. Please finalize
> your dataset descriptions until the end of this week to ensure that your
> entry will be considered for this round of the diagram.
> We will be analyzing all data sets tagged with "lod" in CKAN from the
> perspective of a data consumer, looking for best practices that make it
> easier to access, understand and use your data. The compliance with the best
> practices will be checked manually and with scripts that download and
> analyze data from the data sources. Therefore it is important that you
> provide as much information as possible in your CKAN entry.
> You can use the CKAN entry for DBpedia as one example:
> In order to aid you in this quest, we have provided a validation page for
> your CKAN entry with step-by-step guidance for the information that we will
> be looking for:
> After you have completed the description of your data sets, we invite you to
> fill up this 5 minutes survey about your experience. This will help us to
> make the process easier, more complete and exciting for the next time
> around.
> Thank you and happy dataset description!
> Cheers,
> Pablo, Anja, Richard and Chris
> [1]

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