User generated content, rdfa and microformats

I made a post earlier today which was probably, well, just kind of lame. 
I've spent a good part of the day trying to learn more about rdfa and found
a nice w3c page that explained it very well.  I'm not 100% on the general
concept yet, but, getting there.  I also read some about miroformats.  

My concern is this.  It would seem that rdfa is certainly more powerful as
far as finding data of a specific type, say documents that reference George
Washington>as General>personal letters>to Martha.  I don't think
microformats would be capable of this kind of specificity (I'm I wrong

However, rdfa seems to require some knowledge of it beforehand to be able to
mark it correctly.  For example, say a web developer created a input form to
go along with a text input box where on that form a user could input George
Washington, and General, letters, and Martha.  First, I doubt that a form
could even be created, not that one couldn't use PHP or ASP.Net to convert
the inputs into an rdf file, But, how could he/she even structure it?  Then,
what are the chances of a user being able to select the right things to put
into the form, or even completing the form?

I guess that basically I'm asking if rdfa could be masked by some kind of UI
to make it user friendly, to which it seems microformats are more suited.  
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