SERIMI - a tool for automatic RDF data interlinking.

Dear all,

We are glad to announce the release of SERIMI (version 0.9), a tool for 
automatic RDF data interlinking.

SERIMI matches instances between a source and a target dataset, without 
prior knowledge of the data, domain or schema of these datasets. 
Experiments conducted with benchmark collections demonstrate that our 
approach considerably outperforms published state-of-the-art automatic 
approaches for solving the interlinking problem in the Linked Data 
Cloud. An updated reference alignment between Dailymed[1] and TCM[2], 
that can be used as a golden set, is also available for download.

The tool is available for download at:

SERIMI is distributed under the LGPL license.

Our best regards,

Samur Araujo, Jan Hidders, Daniel Schwabe and Arjen de Vries.


Received on Wednesday, 6 July 2011 14:34:24 UTC