Re: implementations of networked RDF store replication, please?

I would expect that it can be done with a correctly configured HTTP reverse proxy. In SPARQL 1.1 you can write triples using HTTP POST, so proxying across two SPARQL stores should work. You could even use two different SPARQL systems.

If it's for the purposes of replication then you can configure 4store to do this, and probably most other clustered RDF stores.

Just create a cluster of two nodes, and enable replication. Your write will end up on both nodes. Then you will be using whatever internal protocol the cluster uses though, rather than HTTP. It should be more efficient, but it's not portable between RDF stores.

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On 2011-02-28, at 18:46, Ivan Shmakov wrote:

> 	I wonder, are there any software packages to facilitate RDF
> 	store replication over the network?
> 	Basically, there're to be RDF stores A and B, which both are to
> 	be continually updated (predominantly, new triples are added.)
> 	I'm looking for a software package which would allow for the
> 	updates to propagate to the other store in a timely (in the
> 	matter of minutes) manner.
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