French ANR Kolflow started - Phd and PostDoc positions available

The French ANR Kolflow is started:

Kolflow aims at building a social semantic space where humans collaborate
with smart agents in order to produce knowledge understandable by humans and
machines. Humans are able to understand the actions of smart agents. Smart
agents are able to understand actions of humans. Kolflow targets the
co-evolution of content and knowledge as the result of interactions of
humans and machines.

3 Ph.D. positions are available until 1 august 2011, more details on :

Post-doc positions are also available.

Pascal Molli
Full Professor, Nantes University
Head of GDD team, LINA,
UFR de Sciences et Techniques
2, rue de la Houssinière
BP 92208
Tel : +33 251125810

Received on Saturday, 26 February 2011 09:23:18 UTC