ANNOUNCEMENT: Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.25

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		   Rasqal RDF Query Library 0.9.25

Rasqal is a free software / Open Source C library that handles Resource
Description Framework (RDF) query language syntaxes, query construction
and execution of queries returning results as bindings, boolean, RDF
graphs/triples or syntaxes. The supported query languages are:
  SPARQL 1.0, RDQL, Draft SPARQL Query 1.1[3], Update 1.1[4] and
  Experimental SPARQL extensions (LAQRS).
Rasqal can write binding query results in the following formats:
  Turtle / N3
and read them in SPARQL XML, RDF/XML and Turtle / N3.

Rasqal is designed to work closely with the Redland librdf[1] RDF API
library and the Raptor[2] RDF Syntax Library but is entirely separate
from both.

Rasqal is beta quality; the API is still changing and the SPARQL
support is under development.  It is a portable library and has been
tested on multiple POSIX systems and architectures.  Rasqal has no
known memory leaks.

The main changes in this version since the last release 2011-01-30 are:
* Added SPARQL 1.1 query draft support for ABS(), CEIL(), FLOOR(),
  RAND(), ROUND() and TZ()
* Added SPARQL 1.1 query draft support for BIND(expr AS ?var)
* Fixed SPARQL 1.1 update draft SILENT with DROP and CLEAR
* Fixed SPARQL 1.1 query draft ENCODE_FOR_URI() to not preserve
  language and datatype of argument
* Fixed SPARQL 1.1 query draft GROUP BY to allow an optional AS ?var
* Added an expression evaluation context class to store state for use
  with evaluating expressions
* Fixed triple-quoted literals over-quoting and their use with
  language and datatypes
* Added support for initialising the random seed from system sources
  or a user value via the API
* Fixed several query execution cases
* Query engine now handles NULL as a valid value separate from an error
* Made rasqal_query_set_store_results() actually work
* Fixed Issues #0000421, #0000427 and #0000428.

For full details see the Rasqal 0.9.25 release notes at

The Rasqal API reference manual section on API changes at provides
detailed function, enum, macro and type changes.

Rasqal 0.9.25 requires Raptor 2.0.0[2] or newer to provide RDF
syntax, web, XML and URI support.  Optional requirements are a POSIX
regular expression library such as PCRE or one built into the C
library to handle regex matching and a multi-precision decimal
library such as GNU MP or MPFR for handling XSD decimals.

Binary deb packages for Debian unstable will be made available
later via the standard Debian archive.

The site lets you browse and check out the latest
version of the sources in GIT and try out Rasqal (as part of Redland)
in a web demonstration at and as part of

For more information on Redland, Raptor or Rasqal please join
the redland-dev list by visiting
or visit IRC channel #redland on

Issues should be reported to


[1] Redland librdf RDF API library,

[2] Raptor RDF Syntax Library,

[3] SPARQL 1.1 Query W3C Working Draft of 2010-10-14

[4] SPARQL 1.1 Update W3C Working Draft of 2010-10-14
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