Re: Mobile Search and Exploration of Live Social Semantic Data using Facets

On 2/18/11 7:10 AM, Ansgar Scherp wrote:
> Dear Semantic Web
> We have developed an Android-based mobile application called Mobile
> Facets [1] for the interactive faceted search and exploration of a
> large, distributed social media data set on a touchscreen mobile phone.
> As social media data sources we use DBpedia, geo-located Flickr photos,
> and the event directories Eventful and Upcoming. In addition, we use
> professional content from the event directories as well as places
> described in GeoNames. The users can search and explore the dataset by
> means of facets and retrieve resources like places, persons,
> organizations, and events. To visualize the result set, the Mobile
> Facets application provides a map view, result list view, and photo
> view. As the resources are queried live from the different data sources,
> we cannot make any assumptions about which facets are provided in a
> specific user's contextual situation and how many resources Mobile
> Facets receives. Thus, in contrast to existing approaches, the user
> interface had to be designed such that it is flexible with respect to
> the amount and kind of facets and resources retrieved live from the
> social media data.
> Screenshots of the application and a 3-minute-video showing Mobile
> Facets live in action can be found on [1].
> The APK of the application for Android-based mobile phones is available
> upon request.

Very nice!

Are your data source (e.g. SPARQL) endpoints going to be configurable?

How does one get a hold of the real thing?

> Best wishes,
> Ansgar
> [1] Mobile Facets Website:



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