Best paper award -Sepublica, ESWC workshop


The Best Paper Award is presented to the author(s) deemed to have
written the paper covering the most innovative and feasible proposal
concerning semantic publishing in the workshop. All submissions to the
SePublica workshop will be considered, and a panel of experts will
rate the papers according to originality of the idea, feasibility and
presentation. The Best Paper award is sponsored by Elsevier as an
incentive for researchers working on defining the next generation of
scientific publishing concepts. The Best Paper Award will be handed
out at the end of the SePublica workshop.

• As a cash prize, the Best Paper Award will receive: US$ 750
• The runner-up will be awarded a prize of US$ 250.

The MISSION of the SePublica workshop is to bring together researchers
and practitioners dealing with different aspects of Semantic
Technologies in the Publishing Industry. How is the Semantic Web
impacting the publishing industry? How is our experience of
publications changing because of Semantic Web technologies being
applied to the publishing industry?

The CHALLENGE of the Semantic Web is to allow the Web to move from a
dissemination platform to an interactive platform for networked
information. The Semantic Web promises to “fundamentally change our
experience of the Web”.

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