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Services and the Semantic Web – it's complicated (ESWC 2012 workshop CfP)

From: Ruben Verborgh <ruben.verborgh@ugent.be>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 09:36:10 +0900
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    LAPIS 2012
    Linked APIs for the Semantic Web
    ESWC 2012 workshop

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"The Web as I envisioned it, we have not seen it yet."
  – Tim Berners-Lee

"Services and the Semantic Web: it's complicated."
  – anonymous gossip

"Semantic Web and APIs: an essential problem in need of a fresh look."
  – LAPIS 2012 mission

 Challenge for Papers – What do *you* have to say about Linked APIs and the Semantic Web?

LAPIS 2012 in 5 questions

Why?       The Web has changed: services become resource-oriented APIs. We must react now.
Goal?      Exploring the opportunities resource-oriented APIs offer, especially in combination with links.
For whom?  Motivated researchers from the REST, Semantic Web, and Linked Data communities.
What?      A truly interactive workshop, driven by constructive discussion and dialog.
Format?    An inspiring day. Morning: talks and dialog. Afternoon: brainstorm and discussion

LAPIS 2012 in 5 bullets
The main goal of the LAPIS workshop is to give birth to new ideas and visions, through presentations that encourage interaction and discussion. Topics of discussion include:

- defining Linked APIs, what they could look like, and what role links can play
- identifying the essential building blocks for enabling Linked APIs
- pinpointing challenges to move from resource-oriented APIs towards Linked APIs
- capturing added value of Linked APIs for the Semantic Web and REST communities
- designing applications by connecting Linked Data and Linked APIs for reading and writing
The above list is not exhaustive and we therefore actively encourage participants to be creative.

LAPIS 2012 wants your submission
Regular paper (8 pages)
    Regular papers focus on new ideas or technologies you have developed that relate to Linked APIs.
    We are very open-minded towards the workshop scope, and expect the same from you.
    Be original. Be creative. But most of all: be at least a little controversial – generate discussion.
    We're not looking for the next Big Invention. Workshop participants want to discover and to learn.
    Details: http://lapis2012.linkedservices.org/call-for-papers/
Vision paper (4 pages)
    Vision papers focus on creative ideas and concepts, even if there are no concrete results yet.
    Having more questions than answers can in fact be a plus… if you find the right questions.
    Details: http://lapis2012.linkedservices.org/call-for-papers/
Wild ideas and discussion starters (1 paragraph)
    Besides the traditional papers component, we would also like to run an experiment.
    We want your wildest ideas and discussion topics to make LAPIS 2012 an interactive workshop.
    Details: http://lapis2012.linkedservices.org/call-for-papers/

Motivated for this challenge?

Great! Visit us at http://lapis2012.linkedservices.org/
Your deadline is March 4th, 2012.

LAPIS 2012 is organized by Craig Knoblock, Barry Norton, Ruben Verborgh, Sebastian Speiser, and Maria Maleshkova.
LAPIS 2012 is driven by you, its participants. Come and discuss with us!

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