Re: RDIL/Natural RDF revision

I find the general idea very interesting and will surely read it some time.
Now it would be very convenient if you had some primer-like material
which tried to explain main idea and concepts in less academic


On 04/06/2011 06:35 PM, Gregg Reynolds wrote:
> I just posted a revised version of RDIL at
>  This one is more complete, focused,
> and organized.  It contains a two-page table with formal (symbolic)
> representation of everything that looks like a definition in RDF Concepts
> and RDF Schema.  I would welcome suggestions/feedback especially on two
> points:   treatment of blank nodes in terms of scoped equality, and
> treatment of "leaning" as graph normalization based on syntactic congruence.
>  There are notes on this in the doc; briefly, one idea is that blank or
> unlabeled or transiently labeled nodes can be handled by 1) treating the
> "transient" labels as indexical names rather than existentially quantified
> variables, and 2) scoping the equality relation rather than the names.   The
> other idea is that syntactic congruence can be defined for graphs containing
> blank nodes such that reduction eliminates all but the "most canonical"
> representative of the congruence class.  I think it'll work but haven't
> worked out the details, so if anybody else is interested playing please drop
> me a line.
> Cheers,
> Gregg

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