Re: 303 redirect to a preexisting document

All of the user pages at ECS@Southampton may fit your bill, I think.
303s to
which was the existing user page.
Of course that page now has the URI in it, but essentially as more information about me that has become available in the meantime.

Similarly, the latest version of ePrints ( now does RDF,
so some stuff goes on to sort out redirection to pages that had URLs.


On 1 Apr 2011, at 01:31, Jonathan Rees wrote:

> I'm doing a bit of research and could use some help... does anyone
> know of an instance of a 303 redirect being used in a semantic web
> context where the target document does NOT contain the URI being
> defined (even as a base URI)?
> For example, a URI 'http://example/chicago' for which a GET request
> yields a 303 response with Location:
> (which is a page that existed
> before the URI 'http://example/chicago' was 'minted' and therefore
> does not contain that URI).
> This is an empirical question, not a theoretical one - I'm looking for
> real examples.
> Thanks
> Jonathan

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