CORS Enabled - Update

Hi All,

We've created a page at detailing how to 
get CORS enabled and also existing services, sparql endpoints, datasets 
and ontologies that are all javascript accessible. There will also be a 
full website dedicated to this in the near future (thanks to Micheal 
Hausenblas) which will hold this information, more, and tools to test.

If you see anything missing, or have anything to add, please do update 
the page or send give me a nudge and I'll update for you.

Reminder, we want to be able to color everything in the lod cloud 
diagram [1] green to signify that it's javascript friendly. Thus, if you 
have if in your control to CORS enable any of these data sets, please do 
and let us know :)

Likewise, we're looking for all ontologies to be CORS enabled, if 
they're not then js clients can't reason and have no awareness of your 
great ontologies.

Best & many thanks for the fantastic effort and quick turn around so far,



Received on Thursday, 28 October 2010 00:32:07 UTC