Re: RDFa editors

Hi, Juan,

We have been working on an online rdfa editing service called RDFaČ
(RDFa Square), which is a lightweight annotating tool currently
sitting at


This tool is dedicated to help you in carrying out multi-topic
annotation with RDFa. Under the guidance of RDFaČ, you can personalize
the automatically generated Web pages by either editing in a editor
with the WYSIWYG style or revising the XHTML+RDFa source code and get
a preview of the final page on the fly. Moreover, you can revise the
intermediate template and then save it to your local machine for
future reuse. It is focused on RDFa and very lightweight so you dont
have to know anything about Drupal or Wordpress etc. but it is still
possible for RDFaČ  to be integrated into most recent CMSs as a

The main functionalities of RDFaČ have been showcased in the attached
two screen casts and we are still improving its UI and UE (now it is
in alpha). Any feedbacks from you and other ppl in this mailing list
are most appreciated!


Xi Bai

Received on Wednesday, 27 October 2010 09:14:06 UTC