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I also recall a Dreamweaver extension by Martin McEvoy from a couple years ago.  I don't know the current status of this extension, but it is called "RDFa Documents."  That said, I found it relatively easy to add RDFa to existing HTML documents using Dreamweaver even without this extension.





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Not sure whether you mean wysiwyg style editor, but you can check these two, both are prototypes when it comes to RDFa at this stage afaik.


WYMeditor - <>  - which integrates with Drupal, Rails, Django, or WordPress. Prototype: (I'm cc'ing Jean-François who might be able to give some updates)


There is also the very recent Aloha editor with a RDFa prototype at <>  (cc'ing Rene who might be able to give some updates).




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Hi Everybody


I want to add RDFa into my HTML. What is the easiest way to do this? What are the RDFa editors out there? I know of, but it seems like it is still in private testing.



Juan Sequeda


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