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Hi Anja, Chris:

It's kind of a joke that you ignore the 1 billion triples of  
GoodRelations data on the Web, e.g. available at



On 19.10.2010, at 17:56, Anja Jentzsch wrote:

> Hi all,
> in the last weeks, we have analyzed which data sources in the new  
> version of the LOD cloud comply to various best practices that are  
> recommended by W3C or have emerged within the LOD community.
> We have checked the implementation of the following nine best  
> practices:
> 1. Provide dereferencable URIs
> 2. Set RDF links pointing at other data sources
> 3. Use terms from widely deployed vocabularies
> 4. Make proprietary vocabulary terms dereferencable
> 5. Map proprietary vocabulary terms to other vocabularies
> 6. Provide provenance metadata
> 7. Provide licensing metadata
> 8. Provide data-set-level metadata
> 9. Refer to additional access methods
> The compliance with the best practices was either checked manually  
> or by using scripts that downloaded and analyzed some data from the  
> data sources.
> We have added the results of the evaluation in the form of tags to  
> the LOD data set catalog on CKAN [1].
> We are now happy to release the first statistics about the structure  
> of the LOD could as well as the compliance of the datasets with the  
> best practices.
> The statistics can be found here:
> The document contains an initial, preliminary release of the  
> statistics. If you spot any errors in the data describing the LOD  
> data sets on CKAN, it would be great if you would correct them  
> directly on CKAN.
> For information on how to describe datasets on CKAN please refer to  
> the Guidelines for Collecting Metadata on Linked Datasets in CKAN [2].
> After your feedback and corrections, we will then move the corrected  
> version of the statistics to (around  
> October 24th).
> Have fun with the statistics and the encouraging as well as  
> disappointing insights that they provide.
> Cheers,
> Chris Bizer, Anja Jentzsch and Richard Cyganiak
> [1]
> [2]

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