ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland librdf RDF library 1.0.12

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		  Redland librdf RDF library 1.0.12

Redland librdf is a Free Software / Open Source C library that
provides a high-level API for the Resource Description Framework
(RDF) allowing the RDF graph to be parsed, serialized, stored,
queried and manipulated.  It is a mature and portable library that
has been tesed on multiple POSIX systems and architectures.

Redland implements each of the RDF concepts in its own class via an
object based API, reflected into the other language APIs such as
Perl, PHP and Python provided by the Redland Bindings[1].  Many of
the classes implementations for parsers and triple stores are built
as modules that can be added or removed as required.

The main changes in this version since the last release 2010-09-25 are:
* Enable librdf.h to be used as the top-level header in addition to redland.h
* Fix linking issues when building with GNU ld with DT_NEEDED disabled
* Fixed Issues: #0000329, #0000348, #0000391, #0000392 and #0000393.

For full details see the Redland librdf 1.0.12 release notes at

Redland librdf 1.0.12 requires:
1) Rasqal 0.9.19[2] or newer
2) Raptor 1.4.19[3] or newer (OR Raptor V2 version 1.9.0 or newer)
which are all packaged and distributed separately.

Binary deb packages for Debian will be made available shortly via the
standard debian archive and  Sources will also
be made available from the Redland SourceForge mirror site at

The site lets you browse and check out the latest
version of the sources in GIT and use Raptor in various demos
as part of Redland such as Triplr

For more information on Redland, librdf, Raptor or Rasqal please join
the redland-dev list by visiting
or visit IRC channel #redland on

Issues should be reported to


[1] Redland Language Bindings

[2] Rasqal RDF Query Library

[3] Raptor RDF parser and serializer library,
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


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