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Re: How to pitch the semantic web (was: is there a Enquire/Semantic Desktop link?)

From: Melvin Carvalho <melvincarvalho@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 20:11:33 +0100
Message-ID: <AANLkTikjdZ6vMV4XUrAjtTEzzt8F0ANOoEdc0yafQH5r@mail.gmail.com>
To: Leo Sauermann <leo.sauermann@gnowsis.com>
Cc: ProjectParadigm-ICT-Program <metadataportals@yahoo.com>, SWIG <semantic-web@w3.org>, Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@w3.org>

I have come up with the following acronym: S.E.M.A.N.T.I.C. to
describe what I see as the 8 big components of the Semantic Web.

The URI is the value proposition because Universality leads to
interop.  Interop will provide huge value to both end users and
businesses.  A good company will be able to capture some of that

In each case I've added an early adopter.

The 8 Components of the SEMANTIC Web

Social - MySpace

Entertainment - YouTube

Markets - Ebay

Access (inc. mobile access) - Microsoft

Nearby Services (geo / local etc.) - data.gov.uk

Trust - Verisign

Information Management - Google

Currencies - PayPal


Two case studies to note cover more than one aspect, show the power of

- Facebook, a basic social solution with a basic trust system adds
more value then each individually.

- Zynga a basic social system with a basic entertainment system gets
you from 0 to 5 billion in 3 years

That's what you can do with some mild interop with 2-3 out of the 8 components.

The Sem Web has the potential to give us 8/8 if we all work together
to make great solutions in each field.  The good news is that we're
underway in each area.  I think it has started to happen, 2011 I see
the first demos springing up, and growing to a much more collaborative
effort going forward.

We need to specialize but also work together.  In this way, the Web
gets better, and everyone wins.

On 22 November 2010 17:42, Leo Sauermann <leo.sauermann@gnowsis.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> well there is David Siegel and "PULL", which is a kind of "marketing
> brochure" for the semantic web (and more, including David, but that is fine
> with me).
> http://thepowerofpull.com/pull/blog
> http://vimeo.com/16248196 - not the quality of a TED talk, but aiming
> towards it... do we have better videos?
> and it seems he gets a lot of keynotes from it, which is also fine.
> so these keynotes may be the ad videos we need.
> We had these discussions within the W3C Semantic Web Education and Outreach
> Interest Group (SWEO) when I was there. The point back then was: the W3C
> communications team *could* do some videos and publicity, but in general the
> W3C policy is to spend the money on standardization, not advertisments.
> This W3C policy is of course thwarted by the funny example of
> dataportability.org who (I follow them since years) spend all the budget on
> marketing ;-) and they get good coverage and have good explanation of their
> ideas.
> Perfect Future to pitch the Semantic Web:
> The marketing power of dataportability and the standardization process of
> W3C.
> Well, I am not pitching the semantic web anyway, this is well done by the
> LOD crowd and the data.gov crowd excellently. I only have to pitch semantic
> pim, and to make it as well as David Siegel or the DataPortability folks, I
> would need a 24/7 job to just pitch and pitch and write books and give
> keynotes and travel and... :-|
> best
> Leo
> It was ProjectParadigm-ICT-Program who said at the right time 22.11.2010
> 17:29 the following words:
> ...
> As for quantum mechanics and string theory, at least these have had popular
> science programs on TV in the US and UK try to convey in the simplest
> possible terms what these theories are all about.
> The semantic web has yet to get the same coverage.
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