Re: How to find a proper ontology for my classes and properties?

Hi Martin,

The data in schemapedia is not based on crawling at present although I
plan to augment it with crawling stats. Your point is taken about
popularity metrics although in practice I find them to be terribly
skewed by automated output leading to domination by large sites. I've
not seen a good metric that takes into account breadth of adoption
beyond number of instance documents. My hope is that the example
system on schemapedia which shows which schemas work well together can
give some hints on what to choose when modelling data.

If there are sources of other popularity stats (other than sindice and
pingthesemanticweb which I am already aware of) then please let me
know and I'll consider adding them in somehow.

Alternatively, if people think a rating system would be useful on
schemapedia then just let me know.



2010/10/30 Martin Hepp <>:
> Hi Ian:
> Thanks for providing this service! Unfortunately, however,
> does not find entries that contain the search term in their rdfs:label
> property. Do you think you can fix that?
> Also, it is kind of problematic that there are no hints regarding the tool
> support and popularity of a vocabulary. The likelihood of broad adoption is
> a critical factor for choosing an ontology due to the strong positive
> network externalities.
> Best
> Martin
> On 30.10.2010, at 16:03, Niklas Lindström wrote:
>> Hi Yury!
>> Take a look at Schemapedia: <>. It's a very
>> nice service with lots of examples. It also links to other services in
>> the search results (Schemacache, Swoogle and Sindice), so you can
>> continue from there on if you don't find what you're looking for.
>> Best regards,
>> Niklas
>> On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 4:40 PM, Juriy Katkov <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hello everyone!
>>> I have 2 questions about rdf data.
>>> 1. Suppose I started describing something in triples and I want to use a
>>> property 'hasOwner'. I understand that it's much better to use this
>>> property
>>> from one of the existing ontologies rather than use property from my own
>>> namespace.
>>> The question is: what is the easyest and the most right way to search for
>>> this property? I know, there is Swoogle and sometimes it helps me with
>>> that.
>>> I wonder if there is something better that fulltext search.
>>> 2. Suppose I face the dataset I never use before. What do you usually do
>>> first to get a first impression about the dataset? At the moment I first
>>> make some SPARQL queries to this dataset, such as:
>>> select COUNT(?x) WHERE
>>> {
>>> ?x a ?z .
>>> }
>>> than I use Marbles or to surf randomly over this data and finally
>>> I
>>> come up with a opinion where I need data from the dataset or not.
>>> Again, what do you usually do? Is there a tools or useful queries that
>>> can
>>> help Semantic Web user in browsing data and getting useful info about
>>> datasets?
>>> Thank you in advance!
>>> Yury Katkov
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