Re: RDF vocabulary for describing news?

Just to connect my response and Evan's, I should have mentioned that 
NewsML is an IPTC effort.

Evan--is rNews building on NewsML terminology or starting from scratch?


On 11/14/2010 7:07 AM, Sandhaus, Evan wrote:
> Alex, Step, et al,
> Thanks Alex for mentioning the ISWC announcement.
> At ISWC I announced that the NYT is collaborating with the 
> International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) to develop a 
> framework for annotating news using RDFa.  This framework, tentatively 
> called rNews, will consist of both a news vocabulary and suggested 
> “best practices” for applying this vocabulary.   In the announcement I 
> invited the larger Semantic Web community to collaborate with the IPTC 
> in developing this framework.  In the next week, we will stand up a 
> collaboration site where a draft proposal will be posted and 
> discussed.  Provided that everything proceeds as is hoped, the IPTC 
> will vote on the recommendation at their apring meeting in March 2011.
> Once the collaboration site is online, I will post a note and the link 
> to this list.
> Thanks in advance for working with us on this!
> All the best,
> Evan
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