Re: RDF vocabulary for describing news?

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Stéphane Corlosquet <> wrote:

> thanks for that link. However I could not find any RDF class in
> hnews, so I looked at AtomOWL in my quest for a class describing a
> news item: the closest I found is awol:Entry [1] whose description is
> "An Entry is an Entry, and that's all you need to know!".

Yep - every property in the hnews vocab has a domain of atomowl:Entry.

> There is a
> reference to §4.1.2 of the rfc 4287 spec [2] but that spec does not
> exist anymore (at least not at this URI). 

RFC 4287 can be found in hundreds of locations, including:

> In any case, it seem that the AtomOwl Entry is very similar to the
> concept of RSS Item, which is rather vague (you can find any piece of
> content in an RSS feed these days).

Yep - pretty much the same concept.

It would certainly be possible to add an extra class to the hnews vocab
to cover the concept of a news item, but it's unclear how this would be
helpful, as the concept of a news item is pretty vague anyway. Do blog
entries count as news? Tweets? Wiki updates? 

> fyi, not really related, but the item-license element is missing from
> hnews (not that I actually need it but thought I'd mention it for
> completeness - or maybe you left it out for some reason.).

I use <> to cover licenses.

Toby A Inkster

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