Re: Breaking News: Google supports GoodRelations

Congratulations Martin, well done.  Very exciting indeed.

On GR being the only DL language picked up by a major search engine. Are
they or anyone doing anything with it that is interesting from an inference
perspective?  The degenerate case is it is being treated as just another
'dumb' syntax like hProduct. Hopefully if that is true now, at least it will
be much easier to migrate to doing something inferentially interesting.


On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 11:06 AM, Martin Hepp <> wrote:

> Dear all:
> Breaking News: Google has just started to recommend using the GoodRelations
> vocabulary for product and price information in Web pages!
> See
> This is a major - if not the critical - step towards massive adoption of
> RDF, because there is now a clear incentive for any site owner in the world
> to add rich meta-data in RDFa to her or his page templates. It is also, to
> my knowledge, the first OWL DL vocabulary adopted by a major search engine.
> It is safe to assume that additional GoodRelations elements, not currently
> relevant for Rich Snippets, and RDF features currently not required by
> Google (e.g. datatype information), will not irritate Google's processing of
> RDFa markup, so you can cater for Google and the Web of Linked Data in one
> turn if you follow the recipe from my page given above.
> I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many individuals
> who supported my work on GoodRelations in one way or another over the past
> years, namely Andreas Radinger, Alex Stolz, Uwe Stoll, Kavi Goel, Kingsley
> Idehen, Jay Myers, Peter Mika, Stephan Decker, Jamie Taylor, Andreas Harth,
> Aldo Bucchi, Giovanni Tummarello, Richard Cyganiak, Jon Udell, Daniel
> Bingel, Markus Linder, Martin Schliefnig, Andreas Wechselberger, Leyla Jael
> Garcia, and many others. All of them have provided valuable suggestions and
> feedback, encouragement, or both.
> This is a great day for the Semantic Web and Linked Data. Now please spread
> the word!
> Best wishes
> Martin Hepp
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