Re: what is on Trust and Proof levels?

Henry Story wrote:
> On 31 Oct 2010, at 09:23, Ivan Herman wrote:
>> On Oct 29, 2010, at 01:58 , Juriy Katkov wrote:
>>> Hello everyone! 
>>> I've studied semantic web standard and technologies for some time but still don't understand: what kind of tecnologies are on Proof and Trust levels of the Semantic Web layer cake? Have these standards already built or not?
>> The short answer is: no.
>> There is R&D on trust, security issues, signatures, etc, but none that I know of are of a maturity level to be defined as a standard. (Yet?)
> Well I think WebID is really past that stage now. It's been tested on more platforms that one
> can think of and list, people have written thesis on it, implementations have been made, ...
> It's mature, and ready to be cooked by a willing standards organisation. 
> If you want to support it and are member of the W3C please add your name to the 
> wiki here: 
> That provides a foundation stone for the rest. The rest is still a lot of work.

There's still a critical link missing, there's no way of proving in RDF 
that a person really holds the private key for which which they say they 
hold the public key.

If however one was to do something like sign their URI with their 
private key and pop the signature in the graph, then you could establish 
that they do or did hold that key simply by considering the RDF.

A few of us had a long conversation on #swig this morning, which starts 
off right at the above point, do see:

To save repeating it all,



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