Call for Participation and Proposals - The Metadata Committee of The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2010

*Call for Participation and Proposals*

The Metadata Committee of
The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2010
Nov 7th-11th, 2010. Shanghai, China


In the past decade, the semantic web technologies have been matured,
and the amount of semantic data published on the Web has increased
dramatically.  The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), one
of the major events for the Semantic Web, has collected data about the
conference itself (e.g., papers, people and satellite events) since
2004. The data, along with data from several other Web-related
conferences such as ESWC and WWW, is publicly accessible from the
"Semantic Web Dog Food" (SWDF) server (

The International Semantic Web Conference 2010 plans to extend the
scope of the data it will collect about the event, and to encourage
the development of innovative applications that use the ISWC data as
well other linked data (including other SWDF data). The goal is to
demonstrate the value of semantic technologies, to explore novel
approaches in building semantic applications, and to better serve the
Semantic Web community by "eating our own dog food".

==How to Participate==

For this goal, ISWC 2010 establishes a Metadata Committee. Each member
of the committee will be responsible for a specific project that
contributes new data related to the conference or builds an
application consuming the ISWC data. To participate in the committee,
interested parties should submit a proposal for participation that
contains information about
* Type of the project (e.g., data contribution or application development)
* Topic (e.g., scope of the data or the functionality of the application)
* Brief description about the proposed approach
* Project schedule
* Participants and contact information

Interested parties should email the proposal to the Metadata Committee
Chair (Jie Bao, by the submission deadline.

During ISWC 2010, participants of the committee will report their work
at an "ISWC Metadata Demonstration Session" session. Successful
participants are expected to submit a paper after the conference
describing their projects. Selected papers will be published online at
CEUR proceedings.

==Topics of the Proposal==

Topics of the proposal include but are not limited to
* New forms of data related to ISWC (e.g., about submissions,
participants, schedule, on-site activities, etc.)
* Mashup ISWC data with Social Web data (e.g., from Facebook or Twitter)
* Visualization of ISWC data
* Applications to improve real-time interactive of conference participants.
* Better means for searching ISWC data
* Applying ISWC data to improve community building
* Discovering community-related knowledge from ISWC data

==Proposal Deadlines==

* Proposal due: June 7th, 2010
* Notification of acceptance: June 14th, 2010
* Presentation about the project: Nov 7th-11th, 2010 (TBD)

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