Re: call to arms

> Right now, despite the promise, things seem mired in the mud. People
> aren't seeing the things that the Web of Data has proposed.
> How do we get over this?
> Face to face maybe - the bits the interwebs can't provide.
> I suggest the leading lights of this sturm sit down in a room
> somewhere in northern Europe, and hammer the damn thing down. It is so
> stupid for it to take so long.
> The Internet, and the Web is excellent at providing miraculous stuff,
> but the humans that tie the things together seem to be disappearing
> into different worlds.
> The Semantic Web should be useful by now, by anyone's predictions.
> something better change
> (I'm a scaredy pacifist, so don't take that to heart)

I think I'll just pitch the RDF Next Steps Workshop [1] as one concrete
way to make progress.  The deadline for position papers was just
extended by a week, so it's now 13 days away.  If you have a
fundamental-technology idea for how to advance the cause, please write
it down and send it in.  [ Oh, and if you can come to California.  Alas,
I know, that's not practical for everyone.  :-( ]

As for a "call to arms", well, I suggest each person think about this
collective effort in whichever way helps them be an effective part of

      -- Sandro


Received on Monday, 29 March 2010 20:00:10 UTC