Re: Using SKOS for representing Drupal taxonomy vocabularies and terms

Hi Stephane,

Simon is fully right. In fact fact you have spotted one of the reasons which make using owl:sameAs quite dangerous to use as a mapping property. And we've already written a note that matches exactly your issue, see "Note on skos:exactMatch vs. owl:sameAs" at [1].




> Hi Stephane
> Stephane Corlosquet wrote:
>> There you go: S14 [6] says "A resource has no more than one value of
>> |skos:prefLabel| per language tag." (though it's not formally
>> expressed in the RDF schema [7]). How is that supposed to work if one
>> wanted to map (owl:sameAs) a Drupal term (skos:Concept) to another
>> Concept from elsewhere like dbpedia or another authoritative thesaurus
>> which has a different skos:prefLabel? Is that an argument in favor of
>> maybe dropping skos:prefLabel and use something more generic like
>> rdfs:label? How do people feel about using dc:title for the label of a
>> skos:Concept? Or is there a better property for mapping the two which
>> would not have the same effects as owl:sameAs? (cc'ing
>> <> for these more
>> generic questions).
> There is in fact a set of better properties for mapping SKOS concepts,
> listed and described in [1], which can express a varying degree of
> sameness.
> Regards,
> Simon
> [1]

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