Re: NoSQL and triple stores

Following up on my earlier post...

> It looks to me like the NoSQL [1] and RDF communities could gain a lot
> from some collaboration, but I'm no expert on NoSQL or its community.
> I have been curious about it for a while, and there's a meeting in Boston
> in a few weeks [2], so now is the time to get up to speed.  Has anyone
> been working on bridging here?  Like, used Cassandra as an RDF store, or
> something?  Failing that, does anyone else think this is important?
>      -- Sandro
> [1] your web searching is likely to be as good as mine :-)
> [2]

I've had a few discussions with folks, and learned a bunch.  My current
analysis is now up on my blog:

Comments there, here, or in private e-mail welcome.

    -- Sandro

Received on Tuesday, 9 March 2010 12:51:15 UTC